The library of Serbian-Orthodox Religious Community in Trieste is one of the most important national, cultural institutions outside of Serbian borders. Its almost two and a half centuries long existence bears witness of the Serbian-Orthodox Religious Community’s (further in the text referred to as “SORC”) endeavour to preserve its national, religious and cultural identity, as well as its rich historical legacy, while drawing on the most precious achievements of the south Slavic cultural tradition and of the Serbian rich trading élite which arose in Trieste in the 18th and 19th centuries.

In 1960 all the books kept in the elementary school “Jovan Miletić“, in the St. Spyridion Church and on the SORC’s premises were put together giving thus birth to the SORC Library’s own book holdings.

Approximately ten years ago, the Community finally managed to solve its long lasting problem regarding the space for its book holdings which now count over 7 000 units and are situated at St. Anthony Square.

Library’s Tasks

The Library’s tasks are well defined in the Statute of Serbian Orthodox Religious Community, as well as in the Library’s Regulations:

  • Collecting, analysis, custody, presentation, conservation, digitalization and book lending (both in the library and outside of it) of the library material that is of great importance both for the SORC as well as for the preservation of the Serbian national historical and cultural legacy.
  • Collaboration and participation in the initiatives within Sistema Bibliotecario Giuliano (Julian Library System).
  • Providing information and library services to the library users.
  • Exchange of the library material with other libraries and institutions.
  • Participation in the inter-library book loan network on the local, regional, national and international level.
  • Cataloguing of the Library’s books and documentation.
  • Conservation of antique and rare volumes in collaboration with the National Library of Serbia and institutions in Italy.
  • Revision and of the library material.
  • Promotion of the SORC’s publications in Trieste.
  • Participation in the promotion of Serbian books in Italy, Trieste and in the world.

Book holding’s organization

The Library’s book holdings comprise books that are received as a gift, bought or exchanged. The Library material is listed in the inventory and divided into different categories:

  1. Monographic publications
    • Monographic publications in Serbian, Serb-Slavic, Church-Slavic and Croatian- old and scientific holdings (call number А)
    • Generic monographic publications (for library lending) with more than 2500 catalogued   units in SBN (National Library System) available online on Biblio Est
    • Monographic publications in foreign languages (call number B)
    • Old monographic publications in foreign languages (call number BR)
    • Liturgical books.
  2. Serial publications: 154 volumes + approximately 30 units comprised in the A and B holdings
  3. Non-book material

The Library possesses valuable editions of old books in Serbian language from the 18th and the 19th century (printed in Venice, in Wien, Budim and Moscow), as well as valuable publications in foreign languages whose first editions were printed in the 16th century.

Among these are the first grammar of Italian language in Serbian written by Vićentije Ljuština in 1794, then the first novel translation in Serbian from 1777, as well as the first editions of the works of Dositej Obradović, Vićentije Rakić and Zaharije Orfelin.

Information sources

  • Biblio Est online catalogue of the libraries of the University of Trieste and of the provinces of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region
  • Catalogue of monographic publications (Volume 1, books in Serbian and Croatian; Volume 2, Books in foreign language) in PDF

Future projects

  • Cataloguing of all the units in SBN
  • Restoration of the oldest volumes
  • Digitalization of the old and rare library material.

Opening time

  • Tuesday from 15 to 19
  • Friday from 9 to 13

Telephone number of the library is +39 040 2452498

Catalog of books in Serbian and Croatian

Catalog of books in other languages